Marble Cheesecake

Although I usually use chocolate cookies for this crust, you can use graham crackers, vanilla wafers...

"ToII House" Cake (Oat Based)

Combined with a traditional chocolate icing, this cake is reminiscent of an oversized, fluffy cho...

Christmas Stollen

This recipe is based on the Vienna, or Hamburg, stollen you may occasionally see. You can leave ...

Salad of Greens with Lemon Dressing

The fresh taste of this mixed green salad, is bright with chopped herbs and a hint of lemon.


Julienne Vegetable Salad

A vegetable salad, do you dare try?


Saffron and Basil Breadsticks

Golden saffron and basil add color and elegance to this breadstick recipe. Try this at your next...

Easy Chicken Pasta Salad

An easy and very tasty salad. Turkey or ham can be used instead of chicken.


Lemon Raspberry Gelato

Gelato is an Italian favorite. This version has the sweetness of raspberries and tang of lemon, ...

Orange and Walnut Swiss Roll

Rolled cakes create a beautiful presentation for parties or family gatherings. This recipe is so...

Creamy Ginger Fruit Dip

This dip is wonderful served with fresh sliced apples, pears, bananas and whole strawberries.


  • Rich
  • socialgatherings
  • traditional
  • quick
  • weeknight cooking
  • shaped
  • 1 to 2 hours
  • 1 day or more
  • 30 minutes to 1 hour
  • Fruit Dip

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