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Breakfast in Bed for Mom on her Special Day

If you’ve run out of gift ideas to give your mother or wife for that special day that’s designated in her honor each year, choose to pamper her the minute she wakes up with breakfast in bed, a luxury that is rarely bestowed upon the busy mom.

Eating breakfast in bed is indeed a treat. Not only does mom get to linger beneath the covers a little longer, but the meal can also include her favorite foods or those she rarely has time to enjoy on normal mornings when she’s more concerned about getting to work or getting the kids out the door than what she puts in her mouth. Also, if well planned, Mom might even get the chance to go back to sleep after breakfast!

Surprise or No Surprise

Whether or not you tell your Mom or wife your intentions for this Mother’s Day treat is up to you. If you think she’s the kind of person who will obsess over whether you and the kids are making a mess in the kitchen while she’s trying to sleep, it’s probably best to make it a surprise. This way, she won’t find it necessary to get up and supervise. Remember to keep the noise to a minimum and resist the temptation to yell at the kids or at each other if something is going wrong. Nothing will ruin the surprise more than a bunch of unhappy cooks!

However, if Mom is laid back and more than willing to accept a little pampering, she might actually want some input as to what she enjoys eating. If this is the case, talk to her about your plans at least a week before the Mother’s Day holiday. This way, if her wishes include foods you might not have around the house or if you need to find certain recipes, you’ll have plenty of time to get organized and you won’t be the one that’s surprised on Mother’s Day morning!

Either way, don’t wake her up early because you’re anxious about the surprise. Let her sleep until she’s done! To determine what time that might be, quietly check on Mom once in a while to see if she’s awake.

Let the Kids Help

If you still have children around the house, enlist their help in pulling off this breakfast in bed plan. Even pre-schoolers can find some sort of task they can accomplish, like drawing a card to place on the tray or folding the napkin. Older kids can help with the cooking, even if it’s something as simple as toasting an English muffin. And don’t be too picky about what they do, as long as the food doesn’t fall on the floor or become otherwise tainted. Chances are that Mom will love the toast with butter on both sides or the coffee with way too much sugar – as long as it comes from her darlings!

Gauge your Skills

If cooking is really your thing, go ahead and make Mom an elaborate breakfast. This might include items you can prepare the night before so that you don’t have to get up too early in the morning. Choose things that are unique and that she may not have the opportunity to eat on a regular basis, like an elegant fruit-topped French toast or scrumptious Eggs Benedict. Again, if it’s not a surprise, ask for her input.

If your cooking prowess is less than stellar, stick with something ordinary - like bacon, scrambled eggs, and toast, or pancakes and sausage. Add a little something special by offering an unusual jam for her toast or perhaps fresh-squeezed orange juice.