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Celebrate Mom with a Delicious Brunch

Mother’s Day is celebrated in numerous countries around the world and has remained steadfast as one of the most important and widely celebrated holidays on the map. Greeting card companies note that, in their business, Mother’s Day is the third most popular holiday, outdone only by Christmas and Valentine’s Day. The telephone companies also note increased activity on Mother’s Day as sons, daughters, grandsons, and granddaughters pick up their phone to give Mom or Grandmom a call on her special day.

How do you give thanks and pay tribute to those special women in your life? Many shower these ladies with candy and flowers while others plan to take Mom out to a fancy dinner at a place she doesn’t often have the opportunity to visit. Some give Mom or Grandmom gifts that include perhaps a day of pampering at the spa or a short get-away with friends.
However, the trend towards celebrating at home has increased as the economy makes it more difficult to eat out these days, and the Mother’s Day brunch has become quite a popular event. Held in the late morning or around noontime, the brunch generally incorporates both breakfast and lunch foods and opens up a myriad of opportunities for creative menu planning. Some of the dishes can also be simple enough to involve the kids, who love to be part of the festivities.

The Menu

Beverages – It’s fun to start the meal with something a bit bubbly and refreshing, either alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Consider beverages such as berry-flavored lemonade, a sparkling punch, or fruity drinks like a mimosa (champagne and orange juice) or a Bay Breeze (coconut rum with cranberry and pineapple juice). You may also want to have coffee and a variety of teas on hand for those who prefer a warm beverage or to serve with dessert.

Eggs – While eggs aren’t a Mother’s Day brunch requirement, they usually are in some way incorporated into the menu. Some brunches include plain scrambled eggs but many cooks make more creative use of this traditional breakfast food. Consider Eggs Benedict or Florentine or an egg strata dish, which incorporates bread and eggs and often ham or another breakfast meat. Quiche or frittatas are also appropriate and can include a variety of ingredients as well. Anything that can be made in large quantity is helpful for a group meal as things like individual omelets can be quite time consuming.

Entrees – There are all sorts of possibilities for this category. Many hosts choose to serve some sort of carved meat, like ham, beef, or turkey. All go well with egg dishes. Crab cakes are also a possibility as is a lightly smoked salmon. If you prefer a breakfast meat, include sausage or corned beef hash on the menu.

Breads – Breads are truly a must on any brunch menu and can include a plethora of varieties. Some possibilities include fruit or corn muffins, raisin bread, banana bread, hearty biscuits served with butter and jam, traditional English scones with currants, cinnamon rolls, New Orleans-style beignets, or small Zeppole (Italian fried dough).

Desserts – Remember, once your guests get to dessert, they’ll already have eaten quite an array of foods, so keep it light. Include things like fresh fruit or small desserts that allow Mom and her guests to try several different bite-sized treats, like tarts, cupcakes, lemon squares, or cookies of various kinds.

Remember, Mom should not be doing any cooking or cleaning up on her special day, so be sure to have plans in place that don’t include her spending time at the stove or at the sink washing dishes. Have the kids help with tasks like setting and clearing the table, welcoming guests, or passing out hors d’oeuvres.