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Daily and Weekly Housekeeping Tips

Many homeowners indulge in a few large cleaning projects a year – often in the spring and then again in time for the fall or winter. During these large-scale clean ups, most people tackle big jobs, like scrubbing the lawn furniture, doing all the windows, cleaning out the cupboards and pantry, or resealing the deck. It’s a process that can be long and arduous and one that many people dread.

However, if you organize your cleaning tasks so that each week you are doing things that
help you stay ahead of the game, so to speak, you’ll find that the large cleanings aren’t so overwhelming. Keeping your home consistently clean from day to day or week to week often eliminates the need to do a large-scale cleaning more than perhaps once a year and you’ll be happier because your home always looks and smells fresh and clean.

Spot Clean

Most home owners tend to get way behind when they let cleaning tasks pile up from week to week. Simple things that allow you to do a little at a time will save you time in the long run and improve the look of your house at the same time.
For example, you can keep a spray bottle of cleaner or a can of dust spray in each room of your house for when you spy a troubling stain or spot, or if you notice a particularly dusty surface. If the solution for cleaning these problems is close at hand, it’s more likely that you’ll tackle those small tasks when they arise. For example, if you keep a spray bottle of kitchen cleaner under the sink, you can nab that spill on the stove or sticky area on the floor as soon as you notice it.

One Room at a Time

These days, many working individuals don’t have a full day to dedicate to cleaning the house nor do they want to spend their weekends doing so. Instead, it’s a wise idea to choose to do a room a day or perhaps two if you have a particularly large home.Cleaning one room rarely takes more than half an hour, especially if you’re doing it weekly, and it’s often unnecessary to clean everything in the room. In some cases, that particular room may just require a quick dusting but won’t need to be vacuumed. Or perhaps you may just need to clean the toilet and sink but everything else in the bathroom is in good condition and doesn’t require your attention. Simply gauge the job carefully and choose those things that are most in need of cleaning if you have a limited amount of time. You can also divide cleaning by tasks. One day, you can polish all the furniture. The next day, you can vacuum all the carpets or wash all the mirrors. How you divide the household cleaning tasks and what works with your schedule is up to you. Just remember that you don’t need to do it all at one time! Don’t hesitate to ask other members of the household to help as well. Even little ones can dust their toy shelf (they love feather dusters!) or pick up things that are underfoot.

Organize, Organize

One of the biggest enemies of a clean house is clutter. While your kids may not pick up everything and put it in the right place when they’re done with it, if you provide things like bins or baskets for items that are currently not being used or played with, the kids can put these items in the bins for later organization. Adults are culprits when it comes to clutter as well so encourage the adult members of your family to do the same.
Place a few baskets in the kitchen or laundry room (or other location) for downstairs items that need to be put away and one on the steps for things that need to go upstairs. This will allow you to re-organize in a matter of minutes at the end of the day, or instead, you might want to allot 30 minutes each Saturday or Sunday if you plan to conquer this task on a weekly rather than daily basis.

Make Clean House Rules

Even if you’re the designated “homemaker”, others – including the kids - can make your job easier by doing a few simple things on a regular basis. “If you take it out, put it away.” “If you use it, wash it.” These simple rules should remind your family members that they can chip in to keep the house looking neat. Used cups, plates, and silverware shouldn’t stay on the table but should be placed in the dishwasher. Pizza boxes needn’t be left in the living room and candy wrappers shouldn’t be found under the couch! If you enforce these rules of courtesy and neatness, you’ll find that there’s a lot less cleaning to do on a daily basis.


abouteatin's picture

by abouteatin

Fri, 2011-10-07 10:05

I really like the idea of putting a basket (or several) by the stairs or in the basement for clutter to go into. That way, you just grab the basket instead of having to cram ten things into your arms on your way upstairs. Great tip, thanks!