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Homemade Party Decorations

It’s fun to throw a party, but by the time you add up the cost of all the components – the invitations, food and beverages, tableware, party favors, decorations, and more – it can be quite expensive to host a soiree of any kind. A few trips to the supermarket and a couple treks to the party store can really add up and, before you know it, you’ve blown your party budget.

One place where you can trim your party costs is with the decorations. Unless you’re throwing an ultra-formal party that demands fresh flowers, candles, and other fancy decorations, it certainly isn’t necessary to buy those expensive party store items to spruce up your home. It’s easy to make your own decorations, even if you don’t consider yourself the creative type.

A Joint Effort

Making decorations for a party is something the entire family can do together and is a task most kids enjoy. This is especially appropriate if you’re planning a children’s birthday party or another family get-together of some sort.

However, if you are going to solicit the help of your children, you might have to be willing to accept the fact that your decorations may be less than perfect. Kids don’t have the same motor skills as adults nor are they as adept at using markers, scissors, glue, and other tools normally used to create party decorations. So, be flexible if the kids are assisting and don’t yell or nitpick. That’ll ruin the mood AND the party and your kids are less likely to join you in the next decorating endeavor.


If you’re ready to dive into the world of homemade decorations, take some time to plan what you’re going to make and make a list of the supplies you’ll need. Try to find decorations that make use of some of the items you already have around your house, including construction paper, poster board, ribbon, string, markers, crayons, balloons, and more. This will eliminate the need to go out and buy a lot of supplies and result in a substantial cost savings.

When you’re buying new supplies, do plan to buy a little extra, especially if this is your first stab at making your own party decorations. If you’ve chosen some challenging projects, chances are you might make some mistakes. Also, if children are part of the mix, they often make errors too and will need to start over again with an additional round of supplies, so purchase plenty.

Ideas for Homemade Decorations

Paper of all kinds is your best friend when making homemade decorations. For a contemporary look, cut circles of construction paper into spirals, attach strings and hang them from the ceiling. Or for a winter or Christmas party, make snowflake cutouts or stars (cover poster board with aluminum foil) and hang them from the ceiling or place them on the walls. You can even mount them on sticks and make bouquets.

Speaking of bouquets, plain latex balloons are inexpensive decorations and can be fashioned into fun bouquets featuring a rainbow of colors or colors that match your theme. They can also hang from the ceiling or be used to decorate the chair of the guest of honor.
Make use of your family’s printer to make banners and signs that would otherwise cost a lot at a party store. If you don’t have a color printer, choose a hollow font and color in the letters, color the background, or decorate the sign with splatter paint.

If you enjoy the look flowers bring to your party, you don’t need to invest in bouquets of the fresh variety. You can make your own from tissue paper and some pipe cleaners. Simply layer squares of tissue paper, fold them like a fan, tie a pipe cleaner in the center, and pull each layer forward one at a time towards the center of the flower for a look that resembles a carnation. Look for other paper flower patterns on the internet for a more eclectic bouquet.

Your table coverings can even be part of your decoration. Instead of buying plastic tablecovers, use a roll of brown paper or brown butcher paper to cover your tables. Let your kids decorate with some clever designs that relate to the party occasion or theme, or leave some crayons on the table so your guests can be part of the homemade decorating fun.