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Indoor Picnics for Rainy Days and Romantic Nights

Picture a picnic and you’ll no doubt conjure up thoughts of a pleasant summer day, sun shining and gentle breezes blowing. You can imagine an area with lots of space for the kids to run around or a secluded nook just for you and your special someone. It’s a pleasant picture!

Unfortunately, however, that’s not always the case. Sometimes it rains or your picnic. Or sometimes you just feel like having a picnic in the dead of winter or for a special occasion. That’s when it’s time to get a little creative and design the ultimate indoor picnic!

Truly, picnics are fun any time of the year and serve to let us have a glimpse of summer, even when the snow is falling or the clouds are weeping. Furthermore, picnics are enjoyed by people of all ages and there’s even one major advantage to holding your picnic indoors…no ants!

Rainy Day Picnic

If your kids are like everyone else’s children, they hate cold or rainy days and spend them either looking longingly out the window at the flooded streets or following you around the house telling you they have nothing to do. This is the perfect kind of day for an indoor picnic.

Start by setting the mood a bit. Have the kids make some decorations that remind them of the outdoors including a bright orange sun, puffy white clouds, a few trees, and perhaps even a paper ant or two. Or you could go with the beach picnic theme and draw pictures of colorful shells or decorate with plastic sand pails and shovels. Hang or place these items around your chosen room, which should be large enough to accommodate some movement. Add some appropriate background music and then spread a large blanket (or several beach towels) on the floor and get ready to have some fun.

The nice thing about an indoor picnic is that it’s a short trip from the kitchen to the picnic area. So, you’ll have lots of options as far as food is concerned. You can make hamburgers or hot dogs on the stove top for a barbecue-type picnic or you can break out the picnic hamper and fill it with your children’s favorite sandwiches, cookies, and juice or lemonade. Use paper plates and cups for easy clean-up. Sticking to finger foods only makes clean-up especially simple.

You might also hide a few games in the picnic basket – including cards or board games – so that when the food is all gone you and your children can continue the fun with a little friendly rivalry. Choose games that don’t last too long so that you can squeeze in several of your children’s favorites.

Romantic Night Picnic

Many couples welcome the opportunity to sneak in some private moments at home whenever possible, and organizing an indoor picnic – regardless of the weather – can be quite romantic. If you have children, these romantic indoor meals in front of the fireplace or in a warm, cozy room can provide an excellent break from parenting, so make sure the kids are sound asleep before your meal begins or choose a time when they’re visiting grandma to hold your romantic picnic.

Just like a regular outdoor picnic, you’ll want to begin with a large picnic blanket you can spread on the floor. Find the most romantic spot possible for this indoor meal and set the mood with lots of candles and some soft music.

Your menu can be as creative as you’d like. Many couples who enjoy picnicking indoors simply go with bread, wine, and cheese, especially if you’re holding the picnic late at night after the kids have gone to bed. Of course, you can also go the barbecue route and make succulent steaks and serve them with a fine red wine. Or, for the ultimate in ease, purchase some prepared food at your supermarket and stock the picnic basket with those choices. Again, make clean-up as easy as possible by using plates you can toss at the end of the meal.

At the end of the night, take time to lie on the blanket and chat with each other as you might on an outdoor picnic. This time of peace and quiet should be treasured, especially for couples who rarely get time to spend alone.