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Mother’s Day Party Themes

Each May, we take time to honor our mothers or those who have been like mothers to us. It’s the day of the year when the florist shops are busiest, the phone lines are clogged with grateful children phoning home to tell Mom how special she is, and restaurants are packed to capacity with diners who are treating mom to a memorable meal.

While many families take mom out for brunch or dinner , others choose to hold the festivities at home, opting for a fun Mother’s Day party that can be enjoyed by young and old alike, including grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and all those whose lives Mom has touched.

Organizing a Mother’s Day party allows you to use your imagination when it comes to finding unique ways to honor mom. It’s also an opportunity to make her feel like the most special person alive…at least for a few hours. Consider some of these themes for your next Mother’s Day party.

Queen for a Day

Those who are older than 50 probably remember the TV show called “Queen for a Day”, the forerunner of modern-day reality television. On this show, a “regular” housewife got the opportunity to plead her case as to the need for some items that might make her life easier and the contestant who won the hearts of the judges (the audience) would get the prize she sought. Often it was an appliance but sometimes it was more complex, like medical care for a sick child. Upon winning, she was proclaimed “Queen for a Day” and a very emotional scene followed.

You can make your mother feel like a Queen for a Day by throwing her a royalty-themed party. Actually, this party can start long before the guests arrive. Start by giving mom breakfast in bed, being sure that she doesn’t have to clean up the dishes! Give her a tiara that she can wear all day and perhaps a royal scepter…just for fun.

When the guests arrive, give her a seat of honor and continue to wait on her, serving her appetizers and a glass of wine or other beverage before the main meal. Dinner should consist of some of her favorite foods. If you’re not good in the kitchen, consider ordering from a restaurant or buying prepared foods at your neighborhood supermarket. Top off the day with a crown-shaped cake or perhaps one shaped like a castle. You can find cake pans in a number of unique shapes at the craft store or ask your local bakery if they can fashion one for you.

Generations Party

The generation party is ideal for moms who want to spend time with their husband and children but also with their mother and/or grandmother. For this party, you can bring all the generations together in one place. Dad and the kids can include decorations from each honoree’s era (for example, 40s for grandma, 70s for mom, etc). It’s also fun to go online and search for headlines from the year Mom or Grandma was born or perhaps the year they got married or started a family. Arrange these on a poster board or put them in a scrap book along with photos of the family. These will be a great keepsake present for the recipient and much more long-lasting than a box of candy or bouquet of flowers.

Remember to take some time out of the busy day to reminisce. Let your mother and grandmother tell some stories about their childhood or about the day you were born! You’ll no doubt love these tales and will probably pass them on to your children, creating a life-long legacy for all to share.

Vacation Party

Mother’s Day happens just before the start of the summer season, so if Mom and Dad or the whole family have a vacation planned for the coming months, use this party to provide Mom with items that might come in handy on this upcoming vacation.

Match decorations to the location of the vacation. For example, a future trip to Mexico might demand a piñata and other colorful fiesta-style decorations. A beach themed party can include tiki torches, sea shell-shaped plates, and island-inspired foods including tropical smoothies. A National Park vacation might have a Wild West theme and feature barbecue and appropriate side dishes.

Gifts can include a carry-on bag or tote for the plane, a gift certificate to the spa at Mom’s vacation destination, gift cards to the local department store so mom can stock up on vacation clothes, or books to read on the plane or in the car on a long road trip.