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Themed Birthday Parties for Adults

Themed birthday parties aren’t just for kids! The idea of planning a themed party has carried over into the adult generation as well and those “grown-ups” celebrating a special birthday are equally as eager to invite their friends to a celebration that takes a central idea and runs with it.

Indeed, you probably won’t see an adult enjoying a Spiderman or Princess party (though it’s possible!), but there are plenty of more sophisticated themes that are ideal for birthday gatherings that feature adults only. These party ideas can be tailored for the age of the birthday man or woman. Some are simple to plan and cost little to carry out. Others are much more elaborate. But all will result in a memorable soiree for both the guests and the guest of honor!

o Casino Party – If the birthday guy or gal enjoys a day at the casino or is particularly fond of playing poker or other card games, this is the ideal party for him or her. The casino party is best organized in a large room – like a basement recreation room – where there’s plenty of space to set up different stations. Several of the stations should include different casino games, like black jack, poker, roulette, or even slots. In some locations, you can rent all this equipment and the dealers as well! Otherwise, look for an inexpensive roulette wheel at a party store and draft a few friends to be dealers. Other stations can be set up with hors d’oeuvres or other food and be sure to have a bartender or a few individuals who walk amongst the guests offering drinks. Play for pennies or nickels or use play money that can be redeemed for prizes later on.

o Decade Parties – These are especially good for landmark birthdays like 30, 40, 50, or 60. Choose the decade in which the honoree was born and organize the party around those things that stand out about that decade. A 70s party, for example, might include a nod to the disco era, with a disco ball for decorations and plenty of disco music playing in the background. A 50s party might resemble the old sock hops of days gone by while a 60s party might address the popularity of the hippie generation. Include the theme on your invitations and ask the guests to dress appropriately, if possible. Try to match the food to the theme – i.e. hamburgers and shakes for a sock hop.

o Hollywood Party – Roll out the red carpet and invite your guests to wear their Hollywood best to this party, which might include dressing like a favorite actor or actress or a vintage actor from the heyday of silent films. Have a paparazzi snap their photo when they arrive! Decorations can consist of movie posters and other memorabilia and the cake might resemble a film reel or a director’s clapboard. Other decorations should include gold or silver stars and balloons. Plan a viewing of some vintage movies or the birthday person’s favorite flick, if there’s time. Or play some party games and award “Oscars” (these can be purchased inexpensively) to the winners.

o Murder Mystery – These parties have certainly grown in popularity and are especially enjoyable for those who like reading a good mystery every now and then. There’s no need to write your own mystery; you can purchase murder mystery dinner party kits that have everything you’ll need for a fun and intriguing night. When invitations are sent, guests are given an identity and asked to arrive in appropriate character. Most of the time, with such a party, dinner is formal and sit-down, so plan accordingly.

o Hawaiian Luau – This is especially suitable for parties that are held outside in the warm weather. Luau decorations are a dime a dozen; you can buy a box of 100 leis for under $10. Also consider putting up a few tiki torches and some inflatable palm trees (if you don’t have the real thing).  For dinner, serve tropical fruit smoothies or alcoholic beverages, coconut shrimp, barbecued pork or ribs, and other island favorites. You might even want to have a pig roast if you have the space and the budget.