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Valentine’s Day Breakfast in Bed

Are you in a Valentine’s Day rut? Are you tired of the same-old, same-old when it comes to choosing a gift for your sweetie? Perhaps you’ve had it with expensive dinners out, fattening chocolates, and bouquets of roses that wilt in just a day or two.

Often, it’s not a particular gift that means the most to your Valentine. It’s the thought behind the gift, the planning that goes into it, and the creativity you display by choosing this particular gift or performing a particular action. 

A survey about Valentine’s Day conducted by greeting card company, Hallmark, noted that most women are looking for something original from their man, not necessarily an expensive piece of jewelry, or they simply want to be treated special on Valentine’s Day, hoping for a little extra pampering from the one they love.

A great way to tell her (or him) that you love her and that she’s special is to make her breakfast in bed. Many men are aghast at this suggestion, noting that they aren’t especially adept at finding their way around the kitchen, but most relationship experts agree that the food is secondary. As the old adage says, “It’s the thought that counts.”

Sometimes it’s hard to keep a surprise like this a secret, especially for couples that live together. It means you’ll have to figure out how to hide the ingredients for whatever it is you’re going to make, or you’ll just need to be clever and find ways to use whatever is already in the fridge or the cupboards. Take stock of what you have available beforehand and be sure there’s plenty in case some of what you need is used before Valentine’s Day morning arrives.

You’ll need some sort of tray on which to serve the food. There are special trays designed specifically for eating meals in bed. They have legs that elevate the food for easier eating and there are many that aren’t very expensive. Price will depend on the material from which the tray is made. (i.e. wood vs. plastic) Purchase one before the big day arrives.

Now it’s time to break out the good china and the silverware. Even if you’re only serving toast or cereal, do it in style. Paper plates just won’t cut it on Valentine’s Day! Also locate a cloth napkin that you can add to the tray or purchase one in a pretty Valentine-themed print or in a shade of pink or red. 

To make the tray especially ornate, include a bud vase with a red rose, sprinkle the tray with red confetti, or top it with a heart-shaped doily. You can even include a copy of a favorite love poem or other sentiment special to the two of you.

What to Serve

Again, what you serve for this breakfast in bed tends to be less important than the act itself. But it you enjoy cooking and want to provide more than a cold meal, there are many options.

Around Valentine’s Day, there are all sorts of things available in heart shapes. For example, Williams-Sonoma® sells heart-shaped egg forms (for making fried eggs) and heart-shaped pancake molds, and it’s even possible to find a reasonably-priced heart-shaped waffle maker. (Check out the Kalorik® brand; it’s under $20.) You can add red food coloring to waffles or pancakes for a particularly festive look or top them with strawberries or raspberries. Add a few strips of bacon, a slice of ham, or some sausage links for a complete meal.

Fresh-squeezed orange juice is always a best bet and is a real treat in the middle of February, especially for those who live in cold climates. Other juices are fine as well. And if she enjoys coffee, a small pot of her favorite is in order. If you have a French press available, use that for the coffee. It looks elegant and makes a great-tasting cup of coffee as well. If she’s a tea drinker, find a dainty tea pot for the hot water and a matching cup, if possible. 

Above all, take the time to sit with her and chat while she enjoys her special meal. You’ll get the day off to a good start and who knows what will happen next!