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Chi-Chi's Mexican Fried Ice Cream (Copy Cat)

It's a simple idea that tastes just great, and is well worth a try. Chi-Chi's calls this their "specialty" and claims it's the most requested dessert item on the menu. I hope you like my version,

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California Pizza Kitchen Southwestern Burrito Pizza (Copy Cat)

California Pizza Kitchen uses imported Italian wood fired ovens to bake their specialty pizzas. Unfortunately, most of us don't have wood burning pizza ovens in our kitchens, so I have designed th

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Cracker Barrell Carrot Salad with Pecans (Copy Cat)

Here is my version of the popular Cracker Barrel® favoite. We have all had the delicious carrot and raisin salad before, but adding pecans gives a very nice new take on this classic. For the best

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IHOP Banana Nut Pancakes (Copy Cat)

If you like bananas, then this is the recipe for you.  Throw in some pecans, and you will think you have landed in pancake heaven!

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Chili's Peanut Buttercup Cheesecake (Copy Cat)

If I had to pick one person in the restaurant business with the most respected and distinguished career, it would have to be Norman Brinker. The 65-year-old CEO of Brinker International is still buil

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