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Amaretti Gelato

Italians love amaretti, light, crunchy almond cookies alone or in their desserts. Crisp nuggets of amaretti cookies stud this gelato. Serve it with a splash of amaretto liqueur.

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Golden Brown Fish Cakes (Satsume-age)

Satsuma-age, Japanese fish cakes, were invented in Satsuma, the provincial name of present-day Kagoshima Prefecture, on the southern island of Kyushu. Japanese fish cakes remind me of their Thai c

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Shrimp Lasagna

Shrimp really make this lasagna one of a kind, while the brocolli adds color and flavor to this classic Italian dish.

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Birthday Cake

This is not your typical birthday cake. Made from potato dough and ground beef filling, you may just get a surprise that will knock you into your next birthday!

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Sardine and Arugula Salad

This salad is based on one I tasted in Rome that was served on top of a thick slice of toasted bread and served as bruschetta. Though I liked the combination, it was hard to eat. I prefer to serv

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