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Wraps Recipes

Thanks to the wide array of flat breads available today, wraps are growing in popularity for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are no limits or rules to follow when making a wrap. Depending on the time of day and serving occasion, choose your preferred flat bread and filling ingredients, then wrap the bread around the filling. Slice them for hors d'oeuvres or serve wraps sandwich-style.
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Vietnamese Basil Beef Satay

This recipe has served me well, as I have used it on many occasions with great success.  This satay is loaded with flavor and is so easy to prepare.

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Coffee Cloud Sponge Cake

This beautiful cake is infused with the flavor of coffee. To add even more flavor, try topping it with coffee flavored rum or coffee laced whipped cream for a cloud-like experience.

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Asparagus in Vinaigrette

Cold asparagus can be delicious served alone or in a salad. Two secrets to this easy preparation: do not overcook the asparagus and use a flavorful (but not overpowering) vinaigrette.

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Chili Macaroni

This is a hearty and delicious meal that goes together quickly on a busy weeknight. If you want a little more spice, add a diced jalapeno pepper into the mixture.

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Simply Scrumptious Toffee Walnuts

These are the richest, crunchiest caramelized walnuts that ever graced a salad, or a kugel. But there's never enough for either one, because the snackers get to them first. You can try this recip