Desserts Recipes

Dessert for many, may just be the most favored meal of the day. Rich, gooey and sweet, or light, wholesome and fresh, desserts can be prepared and served in innumerable ways. If you need dessert ideas for your next party, celebration or family gathering, you have found the right place for dessert inspiration.
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Chocolate Cookie Bites

These cookies are great to serve at any time of year, but the soft dusting of powdered sugar on the tops, makes one think of snow and the holidays.

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Lorena's Special Gluten Free Brownies

Chocolatey and chewy, these gluten free brownies will have even the most die hard chocolate lovers fooled. You can add nuts if you'd like, but these are delicious and complex without.

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Chess Pie

Chess pie is one of those recipes that's been around for years. Filled with dates, walnuts and a touch of whisky, it's a delicious dessert choice during the winter months or for a social gathering

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Gingerbread Cookies

Great Gingerbread cookies that are great around the holidays.

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Ultimate Chocolate Truffles

These irresistible, melt in the mouth truffles will make a dainty addition to the buffet table as a dessert or as an after dinner treat. Use a good quality chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa s

The cream cheese gives these a rich, moist texture.It is tempting to eat them hot ...

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