Desserts Recipes

Dessert for many, may just be the most favored meal of the day. Rich, gooey and sweet, or light, wholesome and fresh, desserts can be prepared and served in innumerable ways. If you need dessert ideas for your next party, celebration or family gathering, you have found the right place for dessert inspiration.
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Dutch Ginger Cakes

A blend of spices makes these individual cakes great for brunch, snacks or dessert.

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Drop Dead Cookies

Everyone's got a version of these easy, throw-together chewy bars. You just layer the ingredients and let the sweetened condensed milk do all the work. But why the title? Here's my theory: Aunt Es

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Grandma's Orange Cookies

The smooth texture and orange flavor of these cookies bring back special memories.

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Charming Chocolate Drops

Using parchment paper keeps the bottoms from burning. Cut it so that it overhangs. Then when you take the pans from the oven, you can quickly remove the paper, with the cookies on it, from the ho

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Honey Orange Sponge Cake

My mother got this recipe from her friend Corinne in Nova Scotia when I was about 10. I have had this recipe in my family for years and wanted ot share and hope your family gains the same enjoyment

The cream cheese gives these a rich, moist texture.It is tempting to eat them hot ...

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