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Drinks Recipes

The human body requires liquid drinks to exist. Whether you choose to hydrate yourself with plain water, or a drink with a lot more flavor and pizzaz, the choice is yours. Our website has drink recipes that will take you from breakfast to cocktail hour, and beyond. Drinks like fresh fruit smoothies, root beer floats, hot chocolate, mocktails and creative adult beverages, are just a few of the drinks we use to stay creatively hydrated.
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Buttermilk Lemonade

Buttermilk is a southern specialty. Combined with freshly squeezed lemons and a little bit of sugar, you'll get a taste of down home hospitality.

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Chilled Citrus Sangria

The choice of a beverage, like that of a party hat, is subject to whim and fancy. Just as much as the rest of the menu, the drinks you serve help set the mood of the meal. This traditional sangri

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Puerto Rican Coconut Eggnog

This  is a recipe that I came accros on my last visti to Puerto Rico. This egg nog is commonly served on the Feast of the Patron Saints and Christmas.  I tried it an really liked it and wanted t

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Tasty Pink Pomegranate Mimosas

This lovely pink mimosa is a sweet choice for bridal showers, romantic occasions and girl parties.  Just think pink!

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Strawberry Parfait Drink

A favorite addition to a fancy dinner party, summer picnic, or any special occasion.

A great item to keep in the cupboard for surprise guests. Lovely on a cold winter ...

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This unusual drink is a southern Central American specialty. It's a sort of an un...

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