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Drinks Recipes

The human body requires liquid drinks to exist. Whether you choose to hydrate yourself with plain water, or a drink with a lot more flavor and pizzaz, the choice is yours. Our website has drink recipes that will take you from breakfast to cocktail hour, and beyond. Drinks like fresh fruit smoothies, root beer floats, hot chocolate, mocktails and creative adult beverages, are just a few of the drinks we use to stay creatively hydrated.
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Frozen Fruit Slushie

A sweet treat for a family outing.  Just pop it in an ice chest and serve partially frozen.

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Chilled Citrus Sangria

The choice of a beverage, like that of a party hat, is subject to whim and fancy. Just as much as the rest of the menu, the drinks you serve help set the mood of the meal. This traditional sangri

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24 Hour Root Beer

This drink is definitely a favorite at kid's parties! Blend the ingredients a day ahead of time and let sunshine and your refrigerator do the rest of the work.

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Masala Tea

Assam tea is blended with a spice medley of cardamom, ginger and cinnamon to create an elegant drink. Serve this with sugar and milk, to suit your taste.

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Tart and Bubbly Wake Up Drink

This drink will wake up your eyes and your taste buds! In place of pineapple juice, you can substitute orange juice or apple juice. Sugar free, red colored soda also adds a twist to this drink.<

A great item to keep in the cupboard for surprise guests. Lovely on a cold winter ...

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This unusual drink is a southern Central American specialty. It's a sort of an un...

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