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Liqueurs Recipes

Liqueurs are made from a variety of sources like fruits, herbs and nuts. Sugar is a common ingredient found in liqueurs, adding a touch of sweetness. Raspberry, orange, anise, coffee, chocolate and cream are all popular liqueur flavors. Liqueurs can be served neat, after a meal, or added to other spirits for flavored cocktails.
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Peppermint Drink

A chilly, fresh mint drink perfect for serving during the holiday season.

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Cecil's Curried Chicken

The flavor of this moist chicken can almost make you believe you're on a tropical vacation. The meat is browned first to seal in juices, then cooked to tenderness in a creamy sauce scented with cur

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Meringue Cookie Sandwiches

Crisp and light, these cookies create the perfect sandwich for whipped cream filling. You can elect to flavor the meringue with vanilla or almond essence, or simply leave them plain.

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Blueberry Cornmeal Quick Bread

blueberry cornmeal quick bread

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Sea Bass Baked in a Spicy Red Sauce

The firm flesh of Chilean sea bass stands up well to oven cooking, and the mild, slightly sweet tasting flesh readily melds with the flavors of the zesty sauce, creating a very healthy and savory d

A chilly, fresh mint drink perfect for serving during the holiday season....

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