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Liqueurs Recipes

Liqueurs are made from a variety of sources like fruits, herbs and nuts. Sugar is a common ingredient found in liqueurs, adding a touch of sweetness. Raspberry, orange, anise, coffee, chocolate and cream are all popular liqueur flavors. Liqueurs can be served neat, after a meal, or added to other spirits for flavored cocktails.
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Peppermint Drink

A chilly, fresh mint drink perfect for serving during the holiday season.

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Honey Cookies

Early bakers had no refined sugars to help sweeten their cakes, cookies and pastries, so they relied on honey, Germany's oldest and most readily available sweetener.

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Black Bean, Corn and Pepper Salad

This spirited Mexican-style salad was developed as an accompaniment for grilled London broil in a Father's Day menu. Fresh jalapenos lend a fiery kick to a cool combination of black beans, sweet c

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Dee's Wedding Soup

The slow cooker preparation of this traditional Italian soup makes it a great choice for potlucks or parties.

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Coffee Fudge Cake

Birthdays in our house would not be complete without this cake!  The cake is both moist and rich, and should be topped with your favorite frosting.


A chilly, fresh mint drink perfect for serving during the holiday season....

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