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Top rated drinks/cider Recipes

Cider drinks are available in countries all over the world. Some ciders are classified as "hard," containing alcohol, while others contain no alcohol at all. Cider is always made from apples, but other fruits can also be added to achieve different flavors.
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Old Fashioned Hot Fudge Sauce

Unforgettable! There is nothing like having homemade chocolate sauce over ice cream.

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Poppy Seed Cookies

I think there are plenty of poppy seeds in these, but you may want to add an extra tablespoon. You can shape the dough into logs, then freeze the dough for later use.

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Meat-Free BBQ Riblets

These riblets are great substitute meat strips, and they go with almost any type of sauce.

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Open Faced Apple Pie

This deep dish pie features less crust and more sweet fruit.

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Tahini Bread Rolls

tahini bread rolls

Mulled Cider

Recipe by Luv2eat

This is a perfect beverage for a cool autumn evening....

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