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Top rated drinks/cider Recipes

Cider drinks are available in countries all over the world. Some ciders are classified as "hard," containing alcohol, while others contain no alcohol at all. Cider is always made from apples, but other fruits can also be added to achieve different flavors.
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Ice Cream Pie with Chocolate Wafer Crust

An easy ice cream pie recipe that should be made with your favorite flavor of ice cream or frozen yogurt. If desired, top with marshmallow fluff or decorate with extra chocolate wafer cookies.

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Spinach Pesto

Frozen chopped spinach not only reduces the cost of pesto, but adds nutrients and fiber. Delicious, healthy and inexpensive to prepare!

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Pesto Beans and Pasta

Preparing meals in the slow cooker is always a great choice during the winter months. Start this delectable bean and pasta dish in the morning, and by nighfall, you'll have a warm and hearty meal

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Pecan Date Cake

Pecan Date Cake

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Fruity Waffle Bowls

This is a great way to get your kids to eat more fruit. Let them choose their favorite pudding flavor and their favorite fruits.

Mulled Cider

Recipe by Luv2eat

This is a perfect beverage for a cool autumn evening....

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