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Leftovers Recipes

When you are coking for a family, all kinds of leftovers can start to take up space in your refrigerator. There's no need to let leftover food go to waste! Check out our extensive recipes that let you create a satisfying meal from leftover food items.
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Amish Leftover Turkey

Great way to eat left over turkey !

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Easy Chicken Pasta Salad

An easy and very tasty salad. Turkey or ham can be used instead of chicken.

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Black Bean and Corn Salad

The colors of black, yellow, red and green are beautiful. The textures of the beans balanced by the crisp vegetables, and the spicy dressing holds it all together. This is the salad that I've tau

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Lily's Tiramisu

It was an '80s thing, but it tastes just as good today. Tiramisu means "carry me up" in Italian. Whether referring to the lightness of this cream filled confection, the caffeine involved, or the

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This easy lasagna recipe is perfect for busy weeknight cooking. Green chilies add a little extra heat, but you can easily take it up a few more notches with the addition of fresh jalapenos or a da

Great way to eat left over turkey !...

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A delicious chicken casserole dish that my family just craves ....

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