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Leftovers Recipes

When you are coking for a family, all kinds of leftovers can start to take up space in your refrigerator. There's no need to let leftover food go to waste! Check out our extensive recipes that let you create a satisfying meal from leftover food items.
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Amish Leftover Turkey

Great way to eat left over turkey !

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Dandelion Salad, Wissahickon

Bacon is the key ingredient in this lovely wilted green salad made from young dandelions.

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Don's Pocket Pita Bread

Use this Middle Eastern recipe for making terrific noontime sandwiches filled with your favorite ingredients, or simple hummus. This dough may be made in bread machine or by hand. The bread is be

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Greek Meatza

This fun and colorful dish has a little bit of everything in it, and is packed with flavor. A hearty dinner choice for weeknight cooking, since it goes together so quickly.

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Tree Shaped Breadsticks

An "eggwash" of egg and water brushed on the dough, promotes browning and gives the breadsticks a shiny top. It also helps the seeds adhere to the dough.

Great way to eat left over turkey !...

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A delicious chicken casserole dish that my family just craves ....

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