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Leftovers Recipes

When you are coking for a family, all kinds of leftovers can start to take up space in your refrigerator. There's no need to let leftover food go to waste! Check out our extensive recipes that let you create a satisfying meal from leftover food items.
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Amish Leftover Turkey

Great way to eat left over turkey !

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Oatmeal Drop Cookies

Raisins and walnuts are expected to be found in any oatmeal cookie worthy of the reputation. This recipe lives up to expectations.

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Drop Dead Cookies

Everyone's got a version of these easy, throw-together chewy bars. You just layer the ingredients and let the sweetened condensed milk do all the work. But why the title? Here's my theory: Aunt Es

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Cranberry Bread

This is one of my standby recipes for Thanksgiving dinner. But I also freeze cranberries each fall, so I can make this bread year round.

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Espresso Chocolate Chip Quick Bread

Espresso Chocolate Chip Quick Breads

Great way to eat left over turkey !...

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A delicious chicken casserole dish that my family just craves ....

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