Newest Desserts Recipes

Dessert for many, may just be the most favored meal of the day. Rich, gooey and sweet, or light, wholesome and fresh, desserts can be prepared and served in innumerable ways. If you need dessert ideas for your next party, celebration or family gathering, you have found the right place for dessert inspiration.
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Pineapple-Cherry Upside Down Cake

One of my childhood favorites.

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Cool Lemon Cookies

A sweet and citrus tasting treat for a hot summer day. Serve these after a barbecued meal, and really impress your guests!

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Mousse Bars

Creamy and rich, these mousse bars are perfect for serving at a party or social event. Make sure you have cold milk on hand, as these chocolate treats are decadent.

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Disappearing Peanut Butter Cookies

When I bake these, the cookie jar empties out really fast!

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Chocolate Easter Pies

This recipe creates 2 pies. I have a large family, and almost everything I bake must be doubled to feed the hungry masses. These chocolate, decadent creations are an Easter favorite in our househ

Simple, classic and flavorful cream cheese icing that packs flavor. Goes great on ...

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