Newest Desserts Recipes

Dessert for many, may just be the most favored meal of the day. Rich, gooey and sweet, or light, wholesome and fresh, desserts can be prepared and served in innumerable ways. If you need dessert ideas for your next party, celebration or family gathering, you have found the right place for dessert inspiration.
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Cinnamon Clove Peaches

This recipe is super easy to make, and adds a unique spin to everyday summer peaches.

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Amaretto Souffle

A mouthwatering and luxurious souffle, with rather more than a hint of Amaretto liqueur.

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Quick Holiday Fruitcake

This moist, delicious cake, comeplete with nuts, raisins, and candied fruits, can be made well in advance.

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Biscuit Tortoni

These dainty Italian confections are ideal for entertaining because they can be made ahead and kept frozen. Look for amaretti biscuits in Italian grocery stores.

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Marble Cheesecake

Although I usually use chocolate cookies for this crust, you can use graham crackers, vanilla wafers, or any other cookie crumbs just as well.

Simple, classic and flavorful cream cheese icing that packs flavor. Goes great on ...

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