Newest Desserts Recipes

Dessert for many, may just be the most favored meal of the day. Rich, gooey and sweet, or light, wholesome and fresh, desserts can be prepared and served in innumerable ways. If you need dessert ideas for your next party, celebration or family gathering, you have found the right place for dessert inspiration.
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Pound Cake Lemon (Potato Based)

This cake is for lemon purists. It has definite lemon flavor, but very buttery undertones. You may want a second piece!

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Sesame Cookies

Sicilians call these regina or "queen," cookies because they are so highly esteemed. Though they are rather plain looking, their toasty sesame flavor is addictive. One invariably leads to another

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Strawberry Filled Meringue Torte

Creamy yougurt and fresh strawberries make this torte a true summertime treat!

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Autumn Crumble

Autumn heralds the harvest of apples and succulent soft fruits. It is the perfect season to go foraging among the hedgerows. The pinhead oatmeal in the topping makes this traditional hot dessert

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Pear Ginger Cake

Be sure to slice the pears thinly for this recipe. You will find the batter stiff and heavy but the pears give moisture during baking.

Simple, classic and flavorful cream cheese icing that packs flavor. Goes great on ...

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