Side Dishes Recipes

While main entress take center stage on the dining table, side dishes designed to complement should be carefully considered. Vegetables, starches, breads and fruit can all become delicious side dishes. Check out the large amount of side dish recipes we have available on our website, and find the right sides for your next meal.
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Cheesy Garlic Mashed Potato Casserole

Pair roasted garlic with cheesy potatoes, and the combination is irresistible.  This casserole is a favorite at our family gatherings.  It can be assembled ahead of time, refrigerated, and then b

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Baked Squaw Corn

A simple and easy way of preparing corn on a busy weeknight. The kids always love eating corn this way, and it's a cinch to put together.

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Garlic Oil Pasta with Broccoli

This quick and easy side dish is a colorful and healthy meal choice. Serve this as a side dish with any number of beef entrees, or add a little feta cheese and turn it into a main course.

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Green Bean Almondine (With a Twist)

Traditional green bean almondines simply call for green beans sauteed in butter and tossed with blanched almonds. Boring! We added mushrooms, onions, garlic and, as an option, imitation bacon bit

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Easy Collard Greens

The secret is to slice the collard greens paper thin, using the roll and cut method below. Even if you don't think you'll like collard greens, give this simple side dish a try. You may be pleasan

Carrots are added to the zucchini for their crunchy texture and bright color.  Se...

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