Side Dishes Recipes

While main entress take center stage on the dining table, side dishes designed to complement should be carefully considered. Vegetables, starches, breads and fruit can all become delicious side dishes. Check out the large amount of side dish recipes we have available on our website, and find the right sides for your next meal.
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Bacon Stuffed Potatoes

These potatoes are actually twice baked. After cooking, the potatoes are hollowed out, mixed with bacon, then replaced into the skins. A delicious side dish, or meal in itself!

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Party Green Beans

The cheese, seasonings and tomato sauce contrast nicely with the fresh, mild flavor of green beans. Beans can be found in most home gardens. They're a simple to grow, nutritious, low calorie vege

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Rosemary Wine Roasted Potatoes

You'll be happy to know that these flavorful potatoes stay perfectly tender and delicious, unlike some other roasted potato recipes you might have tried in the past.

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Cracker Barrell Carrot Salad with Pecans (Copy Cat)

Here is my version of the popular Cracker Barrel® favoite. We have all had the delicious carrot and raisin salad before, but adding pecans gives a very nice new take on this classic. For the best

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Black Bean and Corn Salad

The colors of black, yellow, red and green are beautiful. The textures of the beans balanced by the crisp vegetables, and the spicy dressing holds it all together. This is the salad that I've tau

Carrots are added to the zucchini for their crunchy texture and bright color.  Se...

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