Side Dishes Recipes

While main entress take center stage on the dining table, side dishes designed to complement should be carefully considered. Vegetables, starches, breads and fruit can all become delicious side dishes. Check out the large amount of side dish recipes we have available on our website, and find the right sides for your next meal.
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Asparagus Pilaf with Artichokes

The combination of asparagus, artichokes and fluffy long grain rice makes a nice side dish to ham or poultry dishes.

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Alexander's Caesar Salad

This salad is named "Alexander's Caesar Salad" because of our three year old grandson, Alexander, who took one bite of the salad, kneeled on his chair to get closer to his plate, and devoured the e

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Greek Pasta

You can turn pasta into any ethnic cuisine just with the ingredients you choose. This Greek pasta is flavorful and delicious, thanks to the addition of creamy feta cheese.

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Potatoes Au Gratin

This delicious potato casserole goes well with either chicken or beef dishes.

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Asparagus Polonaise

Asparagus is topped with a butter and bread crumb mixture, then baked until golden. This is a great dish for getting the kids to eat asparagus.

Carrots are added to the zucchini for their crunchy texture and bright color.  Se...

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