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Snacks Recipes

Snacks seem to be a way of life in the USA. There are entire supermarket aisles devoted to our love of snacking. From crackers, to nuts, there seems to be a snack option for everyone. If you select your snacks carefully, you can easily find healthy choices that will fuel the body throughout the day.
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Hot and Spicy Popcorn

The cheapest popcorn is the kind you buy in the large glass containers. Pop it in an air popper, on the stove top over medium high heat, or in the microwave.

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Lasagna Rolls

These are quick and easy. A fun dish to make with my pre-teens.

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Toffee Pretzels

Looking for something different? Do you like toffee popcorn? If you enjoy salty, sweet treats, you'll love these inexpensive pretzels covered in a crunchy, buttery candy coating.

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Midwestern Caramel Popcorn

Most of the world's popcorn comes from the midwestern part of the United States, mostly from Nebraska, Indiana, and Iowa. In 1890, popcorn became popular enough for whole farming communities to ra

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English Muffin Pizzas

Children who are involved in the preparing and cooking of food are more likely to try new foods. Allow your children to choose and design their own toppings.


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