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Snacks Recipes

Snacks seem to be a way of life in the USA. There are entire supermarket aisles devoted to our love of snacking. From crackers, to nuts, there seems to be a snack option for everyone. If you select your snacks carefully, you can easily find healthy choices that will fuel the body throughout the day.
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Toffee Pretzels

Looking for something different? Do you like toffee popcorn? If you enjoy salty, sweet treats, you'll love these inexpensive pretzels covered in a crunchy, buttery candy coating.

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Garlic and Parmesan Popcorn

Okay so you probably don't have to try very hard to get kids to eat popcorn, but they'll still love this unique twist on traditionally unhealthy movie or microwave popcorn. Watch out though, you may f

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Creamsicle Parfait

This tastes like a creamsicle, but is loaded with fiber and protein, so it's a great go to snack for kids and adults alike.

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Baked Caramel Corn

This is a hit with the family kids.

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Bacon Tortilla Roll Ups

These are similar to the Costco sliders but pack more flavor. Feel free to add other vegetables to your taste, tomatoes, onions etc. 


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