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Snacks Recipes

Snacks seem to be a way of life in the USA. There are entire supermarket aisles devoted to our love of snacking. From crackers, to nuts, there seems to be a snack option for everyone. If you select your snacks carefully, you can easily find healthy choices that will fuel the body throughout the day.
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Creamsicle Parfait

This tastes like a creamsicle, but is loaded with fiber and protein, so it's a great go to snack for kids and adults alike.

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Pizza Bites

These easy pizza muffins make a delicious after school snack for the kids.

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Nacho Popcorn

For the diet conscious snacker, plain popcorn is a perfect choice: it's good tasting, high in fiber and lower in fat than traditional favorites like peanuts and chips. Every now and then, though,

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Spicy Seasoned Popcorn

Jazz up everyday popcorn with a little spice, and watch the bowl empty out long before halftime.

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Easy Cinnamon Twists

A quick and easy recipe. Great to make with small children.


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