Soups & Stews Recipes

With the cold weather months fast approaching, our thoughts automatically turn to warm comfort foods, like soups and stews. Hearty and filling, stews and soups made with poultry, meats, vegetables and beans can warm the soul. If you want to try a new soup or stew recipe this winter season, visit our website for delicious ideas.
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French Sorrel Soup

French sorrel is one of my favorite herbs because of its tangy, lemony taste. This creamy soup, with its mellow leek and potato, provides the perfect backdrop for sorrel's distinctive bright flavo

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Brown Windsor Soup

This hearty beef soup, once extremely fashionable, has all but disappeared. For many years, a particularly unappetizing version was continually served by British Railways in their dining cars, whi

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Busy Day Tortellini Soup

Start to finish, this soup is ready to eat in less than 20 minutes and can be the center piece of a light meal.

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Manhattan Shrimp and Scallop Chowder

When it comes to seafood soup, this is one of the best. You can add or substitute other seafood in this basic recipe. Sprinkle each serving with sliced chives. Serve with Parmesan Crostini.

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Corn Zucchini Chowder with a Bite

Here is a Mexican spin on a claassic corn chowder recipe.

This is a good summer soup to make when garden vegetables are in season.  Butterm...

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