Everyday and Holiday Cooking Recipes

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Easy Parmesan Popovers

These light and fluffy popovers complement many foods, and make great addition to almost any meal.

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Intensely Chocolate Frozen Dessert

Dutch cocoa powder and semisweet chocolate chips make this frozen dessert an intense experience for chocolate lovers. You can increase the agave nectar if you prefer an even sweeter treat.

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Garlic Flatbread Rounds

Need a little something to drunk into all those yummy dips? Or, maybe you'd like to serve up something a little more unique than regular old garlic bread with your spaghetti. Try these little guys

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Cold Avocado Soup

During San Diego's long summer days, I rarely feel like cooking something hot. One solution is this quickly prepared cold soup, pale green in color and with the rich but delicate flavor of avocado

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Green Beans with Shallots and Red Pepper

Easy and quick to prepare, this green bean side dish can be teamed up with any number of main entrees. It also transports well, making it an ideal choice for potlucks.

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