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Everyday and Holiday Cooking Recipes

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Wheat and Herb Scones

Most of us think of scones as sweet cakes to serve at breakfast or teatime, but these savory whole wheat wedges are better alongside a juicy steak or hearty stew. Dense textured biscuits seasoned

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Super Decadent Torte

This torte is of two layers of pastry filled with thick cream. I don't know whose grandmother invented it, but everyone loves her cake. There are many variations, some including lemon flavoring.<

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Risotto with Ham and Pineapple

This risotto is fresh and delicious, reminiscent of Hawaii! Serve it with a green salad and some sherbet for dessert.

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Orange Date Scones

These buttery, fruit laced scones are sure to please. Studded with dates and orange peel, they're sprinkled with cinnamon sugar before baking for a sweet, crunchy top crust.

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Peppered Beef Salad

A mixture of Chinese five spice powder and black peppercorns make a delicious rub for this Thai beef salad. Red chilies give the dressing an extra kick.

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