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Chicken and Fruit Salad

A creamy chicken salad filled with fresh snow peas and sweet balls of melon. A great choice for potlucks or ladies luncheons.

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Butterscotch Chip Brownies

Butterscotch chips make these brownies extremely rich and flavorful. Have a cold glass of milk handy when you eat one of these!

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Asparagus Pilaf with Artichokes

The combination of asparagus, artichokes and fluffy long grain rice makes a nice side dish to ham or poultry dishes.

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Cinnamon Biscotti

Your own homemade biscotti is so delicious. It's difficult to find a biscotti at a bakery or coffee shop for less than a dollar. Make your own and save!

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Aunt Nona's Chicken Soup

This is the one soup that no matter how bad you were feeling you already felt better as soson as you could smell it being made. One taste on the road to recovery!

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