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Honey Cake from Warsaw

This cake is better the next day, when al the flavors have had time to develop. Keep it tightly covered until you're ready to dive in.

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Vegetable Fajitas

You can make this recipe even easier by purchasing sliced peppers and onions, and buying the carrot sticks in bags.  Since this recipe uses only broccoli stalks, plan to make it the same week you

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Mushroom and Shallot Soup

This recipe is open to a wide variety of different mushrooms. Mushroom gathering in Germany is an activity that could be equated to strawberry picking in the United States. The Germans know their

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Oatmeal Bread with Cardamom

Oats lend a chewy texture and pleasant flavor to yeast bread. The dough starts out sticky, but will be light and elastic by the final shaping.

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Cocoa Cookies

My family loves these cookies with chopped pecans. You can add walnuts, if you prefer, or omit the nuts altogether for less crunchy cookies.

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