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Tomato Cod with Potatos

Fishmongers sell baccala and stockfish already soaked and ready to cook. Here in the United States, if you don't have the time to soak the fish, substitute chunks of fresh cod or another firm white

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Minestrone with Pesto

There are many versions of this classic Italian soup. This one, without tomatoes and with pesto added, is from northern Italy. It involves a lot of chopping but is easy to make. Serve with Frenc

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Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

This cookie has all the nuances of a real chocolate chip cookie. A little crisp outside, tender inside, and that bite of baking soda. You will absolutely feel like you're cheating on your diet.

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Jalapeno, Lime and Barley Salad

This was the first vegan dish my mom ever made for me. I've been making it ever since. It's really good!

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Rye Berry Salad

Chewy and healthy, this whole grain salad is laced with dried cranberries, raisins and pumpkin seeds, and dressed with a fresh citrus vinaigrette. Rye berries have a nutty appeal all their own. T

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