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Curried Coconut Rice Salad

A little sweet, a little spicy. If you don't want to make the coconut rice, you can use any cooked
rice instead, but the salad won't be quite as interesting.

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Cajun Steak Caesar Salad

Cajun spices and a few drops of Tobasco make this steak salad a real Louisiana-style treat. A nice serving choice for a romantic summer dinner for 2.

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Hummus 101

Hummus is a wonderfully easy dip to make and a healthy serving choice.  Make this recipe ahead of time, so the flavors have time to meld while refrigerating.

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Mom's Guacamole

It's hard to imagine any Mexican meal without guacamole. Mom's recipe is a versatile base, where ingredients can be added to spice it up, if desired.


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Mama Irene's Cinnamon Mandelbrot

These cookies are very crisp, dreadfully delicious and sweet. My favorite for dunking in coffee, but Mama Irene's granddaughters always preferred hot cocoa.

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